Drupal SEO

Drupal’s search engine friendliness can be improved over out of the box performance. First of all make sure you have ‘friendly URLs’ enabled. This requires access to the .htacess file. Ask your web host for help with this if needed.

The ‘SEO Checklist‘ module installs a checklist so you can go through each needed requirement step by step. It’s free.

Here are some initial hints:

  1. Enable Clean URLs
  2. Enable Path Module and install and enable Pathauto, Global Redirect and Token Modules.
  3. Configure the Pathauto Module
  4. Install and enable the Meta Tags Module.
  5. Install enable the Page Title Module
  6. Do NOT install the Drupal Sitemap Module.
  7. Fix .htaccess to redirect to “www” or remove the “www” subdomain.
  8. Fix your theme’s HTML headers if they aren’t right
  9. Recommended: create a custom front page
  10. Modify your robots.txt file.